PE Plus

Category: Enrichment Classes Date Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 By: Lynette Lembke

The focus of PE+PLUS is for students to learn to enjoy and participate in sports and physical activities with a proper, godly perspective, as well as to live life in a full and Christ-like way.

We will usually warm up to begin each class and many times get an aerobic workout through the activities of the day. Cardiovascular fitness, muscle conditioning, and goal setting will be modeled and taught.

This program is designed with age appropriate classes for pre-K through 12th grade. It is based in the South Denver Metro area and in Colorado Springs.

Coming from over 25 years in education the Kemps have enjoyed all the wonderful families in the home school world. Family involvement seems to be a key. Dave and Debbie have two children, David and Ethan, both who help in the family's home business. Dad and Mom have both volunteered at CHEC Conferences and always have fun with so many like-minded people. They have also taught Introductory seminars for CHEC. They enjoy helping families get started on the "grand adventure."

Dave is a state certified teacher for K-12 in physical education and for K-6 in regular classroom education. Dave runs PE+Plus with his wife, Debbie.

Visit their website at for more information and to register for class.