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Category: Legislative Alerts Date Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010 By: Mary Rankin

Evidence That Government Funded Home School Programs Are Used by Lobbyists to Discredit Parent-Directed Home Schools within the State of Colorado

(The information below is a recap from Ronnie McKay and is taken from the latest update from Treon Goessen. If you do not receive Treon's legislative updates, please request to be on her distribution list. Email her at Treonelain@aol.com.) Mary Rankin can also send you this latest update, in its entirety. It is informative and alarming and should be carefully read and digested by every home schooler. Feel free to email Mary at mkr37@juno.com to have her forward the latest email from Treon in its entirety.

Shortened Recap: On February 25, 2010, during testimony before the Colorado House Finance Committee concerning HB 1295, which was a tax credit bill for those exiting the public school system and either enrolling full time in home school or in a private school, several lobbyists cited government funded home school programs as a rationale for why the committee members should vote against the proposed bill.

As reported by Treon Goessen, Home Education Legislative Analyst/Liaison for Colorado, who was present at the House Finance Committee meeting, “Testimony began from the Colorado Education Association (CEA). Their representative proceeded to re-explain the bill. She then went into why the CEA opposed it. She stated, "Public taxpayer money should not be used to fund parochial/private schools, and home schools." "HB 1295 encourages an exodus from the public schools which is contrary to the public schools which provide excellent education." "The bill encourages students to leave public schools for an unaccredited, inferior education." "What do home schoolers do with the other half of their day when not in their school? They are back in the public schools for the other half of the day." (Implying that home schoolers need the public schools in order to make up for what is lacking in their schools.)

When it was Treon Goessen’s turn to give testimony, Rep. Ellen Roberts (R) then asked her to comment on the CEA's take on home schoolers spending the other half of their day in the public school. She briefly went into various home school activities that keep homeschoolers so busy that they have to pick and choose or be overloaded. She also said that it was a mere fraction of home schoolers who choose to participate in the public schools. The vast majority have no need to participate.

Therefore, this is evidence that powerful educational lobbyists, opposed to homeschooling, look at and utilize data from government funded home school programs to discredit homeschooling in general.

Ronnie McKay
February 25, 2010