PCHE Government Funded Homeschool Program Policy July 2009

PCHE limits its membership to families who desire to homeschool their children completely and totally free of any government influence. Therefore, any family choosing to utilize a K-12 Government Funded homeschool program, such as HOPE, Options, COVA, K-12, Charter school enrichment, etc. will not fall within the PCHE membership guidelines, nor follow the PCHE mission statement. We do not question the sincerity or Christian commitment of those families, but PCHE is committed to helping ensure that future generations will have the ability to legally homeschool their children independent of any government controls.

In order to remain a strong support group, follow PCHE’s Mission Statement, and remain independent from any Government Funded homeschool programs, we will not promote, endorse, or announce any Government Funded homeschool programs in writing or at meetings. This includes, but is not limited to, announcements, emails, flyers, website advertisements, or articles. In keeping with our current policy of protecting the privacy of our member families, neither PCHE nor PCHE members may make the mailing list or email list available to any Government Funded homeschool program representatives.