Colorado--Annual Notice to Department of Public Instruction Reminder

Category: Legislative Alerts Date Posted: Friday, August 7, 2009 By: Ronnie McKay

Dear HSLDA members:

For those operating under Colorado's homeschool law, Colorado Rev. Stat. sec. 22-33-104.5, this is a reminder to submit your annual notice of intent for each student between the ages of 7 and 16.

Your notice of intent is due 14 days before the start of your homeschool program and annually thereafter. You may file your notice with any school district in Colorado. The notice must include the names, ages, residence, and hours of attendance of children taught.

We would like to clarify that there is no deadline or date by which you must submit your notice. The law requires that you do so 14 days before the start of your homeschool program and annually thereafter. There is no requirement that the notice be submitted before your local school starts.

We understand that each family has its own schedule and the law provides for flexibility in reporting that can accommodate your families plans.

In addition, please note that only those families operating under the nonpublic home-based education program are required to send notification annually. All families operating their home education program through an independent school covering are not legally obligated to send the school district notification of their home education program.

HSLDA provides a notice of intent form for members, which you can access here: .

For a more detailed analysis of Colorado homeschool law, visit .

If you have any questions concerning the requirements of Colorado homeschool law, please contact our office.


Michael P. Donnelly
HSLDA Staff Attorney