Suggestions for Sharing Your Testimony Aug 2004

1. Plan on sharing for about four minutes.
2. Share about three distinct time periods:
A. Before you became a Christian.
B. When you became a Christian (how you came to know Jesus Christ; began a personal relations hip with Him; how you gave your heart to the Lord and became "born again.")
C. Since you accepted Jesus Christ as the boss or Lord of your life.
3. Spend the least amount of time on Part A above.
4. Share clearly on Part B so that another person would know how to accept Christ for him/herself from your description.
5. For Part C, tell about how your life is now different, changed, or better. Do you now like to read your Bible? Do you pray for yourself and others? Are you less afraid of dying? Do you have a sense of relief that you have been forgiven? What is different about you? Do you have a new purpose in life? Has knowing Jesus Christ changed your marriage or how you parent?
6. Thank you for being willing to share! it is always exciting to learn about how God has drawn others to Himself.

Sharing Your Testimony